About Steve

About Steve Freeman

I am a passionate lover of nature, and have spent my whole life enjoying the wonders of the outdoors alone, with loved ones and groups. 

All of my learning about human development & psychology has been beautifully complimented by what I have discovered about myself, others and “what is”, through looking deeply into nature, as Albert Einstein also discovered.

“Look Deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Einstein

I have been married to my wife Joanne for 24 years and we have 4 amazing children in their late teens and early 20s. 

I am an electrician by trade and have spent many years working in my trade and running an electrical contracting business.  Very early in my business life I discovered my listening gift, because of the sorts of conversations I had with customers about themselves and their lives.  I also got to see up close the many challenges average Aussie men experience everyday in what is expected of us and what we expect of each other.

It was my fascination with how people work & realising of my listening gifts that lead me to study to become a counsellor. 

After completing my Counselling training (B Social Science (Counselling)) in 2008 I have worked for Centre for Men Australia in their counselling centre & in private practice as a Counsellor & Soulwork Guide.   

I have also gained training in group facilitation and had years of experience leading groups of people in Therapy, Men’s Work and for Organisations.  When combined with my knowledge and experience in Human Development, Therapy & business I am able to open up an atmosphere for groups for the individuals to be deeply heard and for the whole group to gain insights they would have never gotten to individually.  This can be applied to help bring understanding, healing & direction to groups & organisations of all types.

My personal experiences of finding my gifts and living into my potential, has helped get past many of my challenges in my life (including what I have come to call “LifeAche”) and my ongoing Soulwork, of continuing to understand my truest self (Soul) and what is mine to do, has brought ongoing purpose and joy to my life and fuelled my passion to walk with others.

One of the key gifts I have discovered is my ability to bring Shadow gently into awareness, so that it can be understood, appreciated and re-integrated.  Shadow
is all of the things about ourselves that we have disowned because they didn’t fit
in or weren’t welcome in our life as we developed. Things we would even argue
aren’t a part of us as we have hidden them out of sight even from our selves. Shadow has been said to hold up to 80-90% of human capacity, held out of reach.  Bringing what’s hidden into the light can be incredibly liberating for individuals, groups & organisations, unlocking potentials and new possibilities.  (See page on Shadow work for more details).