Steve is also available to consult with organisations & groups to use his skills and experiences to provide a range of services to assist businesses and organisations.

These Include:

Group Facilitation:  with years of experience in running group meetings in everything from School P&C associations through to Theraputic process and life-sharing groups. Steve can facilitate your group to deeply hear one another on issues at hand.  This can be beneficial have an external fresh set of ears hearing everyone and also to create deeper group connection & cohesion, draw out the wisdom & insight from the breadth of the people so all voices are heard.  Combining ancient & modern group work traditions & wisdom, listening widely can uncover the missing pieces needed for the group to move forward and meet its objectives. 

Council Circles are a particular style of sharing circle that draw from a wide variety of traditions.  The Egalitarian structure of a circle is well known for its effectiveness in having people meet on level ground so all voices are heard and the groups insight can grow as each person’s sharing builds on the last, creating an environment that can draw wisdom out of individuals that they would not have been able to get to in their own.  This sort of Circle work has much to offer, business Teams, educators, students & any group of people wanting to get more out of their shared wisdom & knowledge from gardening clubs to deep personal sharing circles.

Educator Professional Development:  As a father of 4 and someone passionate about healthy human development Steve Has an interest in offering Professional development opportunities for Educators in a number of contexts.  Using a combination of presenting thought provoking and conversation stimulating material on a variety of topics & using group sharing to draw out the wisdom & experience of the educators in the circle. Steve can create great learning experiences to learn new things, develop team relationships & empower educators.
Topics of particular interest:  Emotional Literacy’s Effects on Student Engagement.  Gender’s role in engagement in schooling.  Educator self care.  Celebrating infinite uniqueness & diversity in a finite system.

 Mental Health Professional Development:  Offering Professional development opportunities for Medical Practitioners and Allied health practitioners to draw out their understanding on how mental health issues best handled in their context, including exploring the complex way mental health and physical health can effect one another. 

 Presentations:  Speaking to a number of topics in the area of Mental & Emotional Health, Wholeness-Focussed Models of Therapy compared to Pathology Based models, Emotional Literacy & Educational Engagement.  Gender’s role in Engagement in Schooling, Emotional Health Self care for Educators, Small business owners & Generally. Steve is available for speaking engagements.

Partnerships:  Steve is able to partner with Business, Schools or Organisations to provide deeper understanding of issues that are being faced to draw together the wisdom of the people involved and find the missing elements needed to move forward.  Using data analysis, group listening, strength, deficit & resource identification, Steve can tailor a solution to vast array of situations.