People come to counselling for many reasons.

It can be in a time of crisis, where a professional listening ear can help sort out some of the chaos and find some solid footing to regain your stability and consider your options.

It can be to address issues & challenges that you have found reoccurring in your life or relationship/s that would give you much better quality of life and enjoyment if you had a better handle on them. 

I work with a large variety of personal issues and challenges:

Victims of abuse
People using coersive behaviours
Relationship conflict etc.

By using the challenges you are facing and areas of disruption in your life as the entry points we can explore your story and make some sense of what is going on. Find any past experiences etc that might need some deeper understanding & healing around them and find areas of your mental/emotional fitness that might need developing. Leaving you more equipped to handle life.

Counselling can also be very helpful for people going through Life Stage Transitions such as: Moving into adulthood, Parenthood, Infertility, Mid-life, empty nest, retirement or loss of capacity with aging or health.

Life Ache is phenomena often associated with life stage transitions, where life looses some of its flavour and we need to transition into a new way of understanding our self or our place in the world.

And it can be to Live your best life, a journey of self-understanding learning what your special gifts are, and finding ways to live these into the world in meaningful ways. It is a learning what makes you you and what is yours to do, and it includes a courageous look at your weaknesses & limitations, allowing you to let go of the things you are not and the things that don’t serve you.

This inner work I call Soulwork , where “Soul” refers to each person’s unique individual place in this world with its unique set of Gifts, possibilities and limitations, and “work” refers to the process of gaining this deeply personal self understanding.

I am regularly in awe at people’s stories and how all of their life experiences (including some of the most painful & devastating) all fit together to lead to an understanding of their place in this world and what their unique gift to offer is. What is so often needed is a big enough picture of the situation and a large enough story for everything to belong in it.

I find this Soulwork Guiding work I do , where I am following a person’s story through to understanding and unfurling their gifts as an offering to the world, very enlivening. I have spent much time learning in this area through official training and also experientially on my own personal journey, and through that process I have learnt many tools, models & resources that help me guide others through what can be a challenging & sometimes disorienting journey for people.

While the idea of becoming who you always were and finding ways to live your unique gifts into the world might sound like a wonderful thing it can be hard work and take a long time, you will also likely spend quite a bit of time wondering whether the path you are wandering down is the path to take you to where you are heading. Similar to if you were wandering around any wilderness, having an experienced guide who knows this inner terrain & landscape can save you many dead ends and wasted time. If this sort of Soulwork is interesting to you then lets have a conversation about how it might apply to your life.

What ever a persons reason for seeking counselling I find my practical, big picture approach that seeks to connect people to their unique personal resources and inner wisdom, while increasing their emotional/mental health fitness can be very empowering to them in their situation towards living a more fulfilling life.