Small Business Support

Small Business Support

Small Business can take its toll on you mental & emotional health.

Having been self-employed for 23 years I know very well the challenges of managing your mental health in business & have worked out a number of things that can be done to help minimise the effects of stress. Manage resources and take care of myself so I still have something left to give family & other pursuits.

Talking through the challenges you face with someone experienced in both Business & mental/emotional health can be very helpful to build your resources to help you be more resilient & make life-giving choices. 

These sessions are also a legitimate business expense & might just be the best money you ever invested in your business, with the return on investment coming through more peace for your self, & your relationships along with the bottom line.

Drop us a line or book in for a session  to see how this might be of service to you  in your situation.